Jn17:11-19 [7th Sunday of Easter]

She tumbled vaulted acrobatically through the air, a blur of shadows and smoke.

It did not notice. It couldn’t actually. Not when pain seared its flesh as one, two, and then three crossbow bolts struck the demon in its grotesque face. It bled red (what else do you expect, blue?) streams and then choked to death, gurgling on its own heated blood.

The Fallen had fallen, another prey to the Hunter who hunted. She turned-

OOPS. Sorry, totally forgot that this was supposed to be a reflection on Sunday’s Gospel passage and not Diablo 3 time. Haha. For the uninitiated, Diablo 3 is a game that 90% of guys are playing now, where we all take on online personas as demon slaying heroes to kill Diablo (the devil) himself, and to rid the world of evil. Yeah, that’s about it (: Needless to say I’ve been sucked in as well but duty in the real world calls!

I have never really enjoyed reading this part of John’s gospel since it goes back and forth quite a bit and repeats many words but I guess that’s his style and there must be some reason for doing so. Unfortunately, I am no bible scholar and I wouldn’t be able to help you out here (ask the nearest priest instead – I hear they are experts on such matters).

In summary, this Sunday’s Gospel is Jesus’ prayer for his disciples, before he undergoes his passion and death. He pleads with His Heavenly Father to “protect them from the evil one” – to take care of and sustain His disciples when Jesus is gone. Jesus, of all people, knows that we are inherently weak. Unlike the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3, we are the hunted, not the hunters. None of the man-made weapons (crossbows or not) can defeat the devil. None but Jesus. This is why Jesus tells His Father that “for their sake I consecrate myself”. We cannot defeat the devil and his lies, temptations and spiritual attacks without Jesus. Consecration means an association with the sacred (I checked wiki haha :p), and this is exactly what we do when we rely on Jesus and not on ourselves to fend off the devil.

I can’t say that I’ve been in the best of shape spiritually. Not after the long exam period where I was consumed with restlessness, anxiety and jadedness. Not after sin has bogged down my soul and weakened my intimacy with God. Not after the devil has succeeded in making me comfortable with where I am, at status quo. But today I decided to take that first step towards rebuilding this relationship, to re-embrace the sacred, to consecrate myself once again, by going for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. To be honest, there wasn’t a choir of angels singing after I stepped out of the confessional. Nor was there an immeasurable sense of peace that engulfed me. Instead, it was a quiet knowing that I had taken the first step in a long journey towards once again being intimate with God. One in which I do not have to strain to hear his voice, or struggle against doing his will. I’m looking forward to better days already (:

It was quite apt that we (Mel and I) gave this 83-year-old man a lift back to Gardens (he just flagged us down at Novena Church without knowing that we were headed back there – Divine Providence indeed). And he shared with us the ‘5 most powerful spiritual weapons’ we have as Catholics: the Eucharist, the Holy Bible, the Rosary, our Guardian Angel, and our Saint. Personally, I would include the other Sacraments within the first ‘weapon’, as I experienced today.

As we approach Pentecost, let us take up our weapons and be true to God’s name… to be consecrated in the truth of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

The Demon Hunter requires ‘Hatred’ and ‘Discipline’ to make use of her skills to defeat her foes…

We require discipline, yes – to bite the bullet and continue to pray and receive the Sacraments when we feel dry and restless. But we do not require hatred. Rather, we require love.

Perhaps that is why Diablo never gets defeated once and for all (this is the third time we need to kill him already, it explains the ‘3’) – no one has fought him with Love. But we remember that Jesus Christ has conquered the devil through his sacrifice of love on the cross. Let us follow his example each day. Heroes, Warriors, Saints … perhaps we are not so far off from our online personas after all.  

– Soo


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