Mark 4:26-34

This Sunday the 17th of June: 1st readings are Ezekiel 17:22-24, Psalm 92:23-3, 13-16, 2nd reading 2 Corinthians 5:6-10 and Gospel Mark 4:26-34.

Basically, this Sunday’s gospel is about the kingdom of God likened to a mustard seed that fully grows into a tree, providing for many. The Gospel draws me to think of how we have stroved to live and build the kingdom of God. This is the calling of all disciples.

When it comes to how our life has been a part of the kingdom of God. More simply, have you lived the kindgom of God in every part of your life. Ministry or not, in community or out, if your life does not have the essence of a disciple’s life, you will not be able to build God’s kingdom since your life is not part of it. Try and you would crumble from within.

From personal to familial to public life, have you bore the mark of a disciple of Christ? To be a disciple of bears all the duties given by God. From receiving graces, standing witness to observing obedience. Obedience to the Father requires you to defer to those the Father has set over you.

I had always this uneasy question: would I rest in God’s peace if I had close ones who do not?

I do not think that building the kingdom of God necessarily means that you grow every ability to the fullest. Sometimes it calls for the self-sacrifice to not grow. Trusting that God would bless you for every sacrifice you make. Very often, these blessings are unexpected and sometimes beyond our very imagination.

Repentance of sin brings us closer to being in the God’s kingdom. Our sins hinder us when we walk the narrow path to our destination. This is why the sacrament of reconcillation, along with the other sacraments, are an instrumental part of life and allow us to actually live the life a Catholic. That is the life to be an active part of God’s plan for all.

Many a times there would had been a calling to be somewhere, with someone or to do something. You may had misgivings, doubts, felt rejection, betrayal, unjust judgement or unwanted or experience great pain and sorrow.

Nonetheless, by following the calling your presence would bless those there and you would be blessed in return. If you don’t see it happening, perhaps you need to open yourself to God more, namely in prayer. Let the spirit of God enfold you and maybe you would be able to connect. Sometimes it is up to the majority to make a change. You may not believe this, but what would the kingdom be without 1 lost sheep?

Lastly, time should be spent on awe and wonder of the kingdom of God.




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