Mk6:7-13 [15th Sunday in Ordinary Time]

15th July, 2012 Readings: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

And so this Sunday’s gospel is about Jesus sending out his disciples to do God’s work. But Jesus specifically instructed them to take nothing for the journey, except a walking stick. Without food, drink and even money.

The message that I picked up from this week’s gospel is about trusting God. Relating back to the gospel, if I were one of the disciples, I would have questioned and ask: how could i survive without food, drink, and money??? I am doing God’s work, isn’t God supposed to give me all these basic necessities? But at the end of the day, I am sure that God has great plans and He will watch over me, and make sure that I won’t collapse. It’s about how much I trust him and how much I am willing to give.

Last week, my god-mother passed away. Well, for me, it’s sad to know the news. And it really made me wonder: in the future, how would my life be without her? But nevertheless, I am sure God will take good care of her and God will watch over me.

I believe that many times, there maybe messages around you, a sign from God. It’s up to us to interpret it and receive it.

Finally, we must all spend time and reflect on how much we trust God. When we are caught in a sad, emotional, or hurting situation, we should put 100% faith and trust in God, when things happen, and believe in Him.

– Zhane


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