the heart of a sojournee

Hi all

Simply, this “Sojourn” thing is a communal effort by us, the leaven of god, to help people who want to find god or to deepen their relationship with god.

It is a journey we want to take with you all, a journey which in many ways discomfort you as much as us. Do not think you are alone in your doubts because we do have our personal doubts.

Often, i do think about what-if’s. It is a desire to change the past. But as i look to the present and the future, i feel some futility in changing the path that has be set down for me. We are called once more to take up this hope that god will once more make us whole again in his image.

The acknowledgement that everything that we have, to our knowledge or lack of, is given from the bounty of god and redeemed again by god calls us to take up our stewardship. Our stewardship consist mainly by the responsibility of continuing the work of god in to what he has allotted us. Ranging from the maintenance of our relationships to the management of our lives and bodies.

In discipleship, we called to grow more in the spiritual likeness of the master.

the call to love and be loved is something ingrained onto our psyche.

I am sure every one is a journeyman with god and has felt this callings. Sometimes this drives us to desperation to fill the emptiness, which arises when we fail to answer this callings, with many silly means.

so when will you answer the call with commitment?

A journey with god to god, which has no beginning and ending.

– dom


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