All the way to heaven is heaven.

Dark night of the soul:
You have to predict the your roll score in order to move for 2 turns

“WHATTTTT. Eh ok neh-mind. I use St Michael’s power – ‘“Charge” through any negative spiritual events by getting an extra turn instead’.” It just so happened that on random draw at the beginning of the game, I drew my own patron saint – St Michael. Clearly the will of God~

“Cannot!” Our omnipotent gamemaster (read: Kong) swiftly interjects. “Dark night of the soul is not a ‘negative event’.”

A chorus of “ya”-s from the rest of the loggers are a testament to how well-liked I am. Ah wells. Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Sadly, Jes was the one that passed through the needle’s eye and win by reaching the ‘Heaven’ square first. So much for it being harder for misers rich men.)

Kong’s session today on St Jude was the fourth in a series of session on saints. I began the series with an imaginative reconstruction of the First Battle led by St Michael. Greg followed up with a meditation using Gregorian chants (cue whoops of “GREGTHEGREAT”). Brenna organized a Blessed-Mother-Theresa-esque interactive session with the old folks from Cheshire home.

And then Kong had to spoil the market. He designed an entire new game, modelled on a bit of 7 wonders, a little Saboteur, and a lot of Kong (see also: ‘LoG superpowers’ in Opus). Apart from much excitement and laughter (MSC can probably testify to one of the rare times that we made more noise than them), the game also resulted in Jes and Nigel getting married (and then breaking up), Jess being called to the religious life, Greg getting a hormonal rush upon meeting Jes, and Raphael adopting Ben as his child.

The ultimate goal amidst the hustle and bustle of life’s many events, of course, is heaven itself. And one reaches there by taking the upright path.

A mockup of the original kong game we played for session on sunday

But in the end, although only Jes reached Heaven, we all had great fun. And the laughter, the joy, the creativity – the community – that in itself was a bit of heaven.

After all, as St Catherine says, “All the way to heaven is heaven.” That’s why she gets to roll 2 dice when she moves during her turn.

Saint Catherine:
Roll 2 dice at anytime (x3)



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