Do angels dream of a heavenly earth?

 “The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed.” – Achilles

“Just look at them. Their hubris. Their pride. They haven’t learnt since Adam at all. They would trade their brief lives on earth for their eternal lives in heaven.”

“And yet, it’s true, isn’t it?”

“What is? That we envy them?”

“That they are beautiful. That life is beautiful. Life is made beautiful by death. Not because death extinguishes it, but because death eternalizes it. That is the true brilliance of the Plan – the ultimate weapon became the ultimate salvation.”

“What would you have them do, then? To live on earth in perpetual anticipation of a life in heaven?”

“No! They should live as if heaven is already in their midst. They need to find heaven – the Beauty, the Goodness, the Truth of it – within themselves, and then to extend that heaven outwards around them. To build a heaven on earth.”

“You blur the distinction between heaven and earth.”

“There is no distinction. It’s like what George told Clive in his dream. Heaven works its way backwards into their lives, making earth an extension of heaven. It’s like what Catherine said. All the way to heaven is heaven.”

“And yet, all they can ever experience is but a shadow of this place.”

“Not a shadow that leaves them empty because of how unsubstantial it is. Not a shadow, but a glimpse. A glimpse that makes them realize how much more there can be.”

“So they will be unsatisfied, then?”

“Unsatisfied, yes. Yearning, restless even. Not because there isn’t anything that can satisfy them, but because there is.”

The Empyrean. Residence of the Primum Movens and the blessed 144,000. Where angels tread softly on embroidered dreams.  




I am a princess born into royalty; I am what is known as a cradle-catholic. While most royalty begin their education from young, I was allowed to first grow physically and mentally, receiving my earliest spiritual experience only at 12. Although I had the help of my parents and other mentors, my proper teacher­–the Holy Spirit–was sent to me only when I turned 15. Think Mia Thermopolis of Princess Diaries.

Since then, my status was revealed and I was exposed to the rich depths of Catholicism. Many fields were opened to be discovered and understood, and many more awaits me. As an ambassador of Christ, the basic head-knowledge subject that puts my faith into context would the rich history of the Church—the role of Emperor Constantine, the East-West Schism, the Crusades, the Reformation, and the related movement of ecumenism, which is reminiscent of the political situation and reunification of the two Koreas.

I am also obliged to be familiar with contemporary doctrines and teachings, to be able to explain the seeming inconsistencies, as well as respecting the practices of others (how to hold joss-sticks, when not to offer pork/wine/beef) not yet allowed access to the Father’s kingdom.

There is a level of grace I am suppose to carry myself with. I am expected to advocate purity in relationships and social mission, to be comfortable among both children and elderly, and to be able to serve the less fortunate with zeal. Because the Father’s kingdom is also a spiritual one, I am to arm myself with the art of spiritual warfare; to learn how to pray not only for myself but for others as well.

Although these sound like obligations that hint a certain unwillingness, I bear my status and calling with pride and passion. For truly, ‘many are called, but few are chosen.’


Have faith, wheel you?

Have you ever changed a car tire? I never did, until a few days back…

My man points are gonna go through the roof after I’m done with this, I thought to myself in amusement.

After a 30 odd minutes of looking lost and mildly confused (we had to get our female friend to teach us how to change the tire), acquiring blackened hands and a sweat drenched face and ending up with wet toms with a tiny hole caused by all the jumping on the bolt loosener (don’t ask) – we were finally done.

I would liken the above experience to each of our faith journeys. We start off in a car, taking it for granted as it drives us through life – the faith passed down by parents, catechism classes, helping out in church ministry. Then one day when we least expect it, the wheel punctures, and the car stops. It could be a personal crisis, it could be an unanswered prayer, it could even be a sudden realization that everything that we were taught does not make sense anymore.

What do we do then?

Do we absolve ourselves of all responsibility and sit in the stationary car, finding fault with the car manufacturer without doing so much as to lift a finger ourselves? Or do we roll up our sleeves and check to find out what’s wrong, ask for help if we need to, and then actually get down to changing the tire?

Contrary to our belief at that point in time – the tire can be changed. Starting with our efforts. With discipline and hard work. Without excuses and compromise. Time passes, and we eventually emerge victorious – tired but happy. Strangely content even. Stronger. Convicted. Secure.

You are called to be a man of faith. How will you respond?

– Soo


Be still I know that I am God

Be still I know that I am God.

Often, humans are too preoccupied by our seemingly copious amounts of To-Dos on our list that we forget to be still.  And as I type this, the word ‘seemingly’ magnifies itself (figuratively). Perhaps it is because personally, this whole busy thing is just a façade I paint for myself.  Could it be fear or just pure laziness? I question myself. Fear would be what most people tend to associate with. However, I pick the latter. Laziness. This disease I have only reflects (shamefully) my sheer ignorance and complacency of God’s faithful love for me. For any of you who likewise fall into this vicious trap, I urge you to quick get out of it as soon as are aware that you’re drifting away and depriving yourself of his divine love.

There aren’t antidotes I can provide you for this disease but maybe a spoon to receive your antidote. This spoon works for me and hopefully for all of you too. Hasten yourself and head to the adoration room where Jesus is waiting. Be with Him and be still. Allow yourself to enter into His presence, allow Him to pour out his abundant love as He fills you. One should never take this for granted. On the flipside, grab a journal and start your reflection. Write letters to Him. Write about your life. Anything you write, He is interested. This will not simply instill greater awareness about your spiritual life but your emotions too.  I assure you that every minute you spend with Him or for Him is rewarding and edifying.  Don’t let your laziness or schedule overwhelm you. Is it not He who provided you with everything? Perhaps a question I shall leave with you: in the end, is it worth it?

– Brenna