Be still I know that I am God

Be still I know that I am God.

Often, humans are too preoccupied by our seemingly copious amounts of To-Dos on our list that we forget to be still.  And as I type this, the word ‘seemingly’ magnifies itself (figuratively). Perhaps it is because personally, this whole busy thing is just a façade I paint for myself.  Could it be fear or just pure laziness? I question myself. Fear would be what most people tend to associate with. However, I pick the latter. Laziness. This disease I have only reflects (shamefully) my sheer ignorance and complacency of God’s faithful love for me. For any of you who likewise fall into this vicious trap, I urge you to quick get out of it as soon as are aware that you’re drifting away and depriving yourself of his divine love.

There aren’t antidotes I can provide you for this disease but maybe a spoon to receive your antidote. This spoon works for me and hopefully for all of you too. Hasten yourself and head to the adoration room where Jesus is waiting. Be with Him and be still. Allow yourself to enter into His presence, allow Him to pour out his abundant love as He fills you. One should never take this for granted. On the flipside, grab a journal and start your reflection. Write letters to Him. Write about your life. Anything you write, He is interested. This will not simply instill greater awareness about your spiritual life but your emotions too.  I assure you that every minute you spend with Him or for Him is rewarding and edifying.  Don’t let your laziness or schedule overwhelm you. Is it not He who provided you with everything? Perhaps a question I shall leave with you: in the end, is it worth it?

– Brenna


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