20 Signs That Assure Me God Is There According To Maryanne

In no particular order,

1. The Blessed Sacrament.

2. Being told you are loved and cherished, especially by those whom you too love and cherish.

3. Stars!

4. Heart to heart conversations with friends

5. Getting an A on essays or more than one math question right in a row or being praised by teachers for my hard work/intelligence.

6. Christmas- the spirit of giving that hangs in the air.

7. When a schoolmate I had never met before gave me his OCK curry puff for free, just because I was hungry. (And other such purely altruistic acts of kindness)

8. Receiving unexpected texts from friends who genuinely care about me and are checking up on me.

9. Finally seeing how certain events in my life fit into the greater scheme of things.

10. Feeling like I can achieve anything that I can set my mind to.

11. Belonging to my team and clique from TK.

12. Knowing there are dreams that cannot be, but that all storms can be weathered if only for God’s grace.

13. Learning new things and getting it immediately.

14. Spontaneous moments where I sing and dance for myself and at times, others.

15. When I pray and my eyes twitch.

16. When I say the rights things at the right time to someone who needs to hear those words.

17. Reading a book/watching a show that relates directly to my life.

18. When I am forgiven for doing something wrong.

19. Having a perfect day, where everything is right, according to me.

20. Being naturally gifted at something.

This list is personal, as is the assignment. God is everywhere. This is how he appears to me. Sometimes all we need to find God is to remember the signs he’s shown us, right?


How can I keep from singing

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up with strings,
these are a few of my favourite things. 

Admit it – when you read those words you just had to put a tune to them in your head (or sing them out loud, like I would)!

And now you’re laughing. See what I did there?

Now think of something positive that happened to you today or in the week that’s past. Can you help but smile at the many things that colour your world with a tinge of joy as you go through a tiring day, a tedious week, an arduous journey through life? Reflecting deeper, we’d probably realise that God was always there with his nifty paint brush, waiting only to blend in a helping hand, create a stroke of happiness or add a dab of family time to lift our spirits and imbue our hearts with the joy that only He can give.

And yet how often do we tell ourselves it’s easier to be sad? How many times do we decide that it’s just easier to wallow in self-pity and our own vexation with an unforgiving, merciless world that cares not for poor souls such as ourselves, and neglect to recognise the wealth of blessings that have been so abundantly bestowed upon us?

I believe the song ends something like this:

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, 
when I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favourite things,
and then I don’t feel so bad. 

So in the week ahead, I challenge you, in your times of trouble, to remember your favourite things – cling tight to the blessings that God has given you, cling tight to Him and then perhaps you, too, won’t feel all that bad.

❤ Alex

It’s time to…

its time4Hi God, I hate it, I hate procrastinating….
Hi God, today wasn’t so good, I didn’t get selected for….
Hi God, I’m struggling with my friend… I really don’t know what’s wrong..
Hi God, xx is real bitch..
Hi God, why am I so inadequate?
Hi God, I feel really guilty about not spending time with…
Hi God, what if I cannot..?
Hi God, my life basically sucks.

This. THIS. Frustrates me. I don’t know if any of you are guilty of this, but I sure am. This year, I found myself focussing a lot of my conversations with God on my struggles. And only MY struggles. What I am even more guilty of is squeezing problems and exaggerating them even though they were trivial in the first place. I find it a terribly selfish thing to do, especially when there are so many loved ones who should be in my prayers, yet I continue to be in a state of self-pity. It is not wrong to talk to God about your struggles, but it should never be self-indulging.

We (maybe just me?) always neglect what’s most important in our relationship with God. We only focus what’s in the shadows, and never look up to the bright sky. Its like when we were young children. We would always forget to say “Thank you auntie and uncle”. Its time to … Thank God! Praise Him! Our body, our home, our family, our friends, our nation, our education, our identity, His love – they are all beautiful presents from God.So everyone, breathe deeply and shout loudly ‘THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING!!!’ or maybe since its Christmas, list down everything you want to thank God for.

Thank you God for making me write this timely post and realising your gifts ❤

– Nicole