20 Signs That Assure Me God Is There According To Maryanne

In no particular order,

1. The Blessed Sacrament.

2. Being told you are loved and cherished, especially by those whom you too love and cherish.

3. Stars!

4. Heart to heart conversations with friends

5. Getting an A on essays or more than one math question right in a row or being praised by teachers for my hard work/intelligence.

6. Christmas- the spirit of giving that hangs in the air.

7. When a schoolmate I had never met before gave me his OCK curry puff for free, just because I was hungry. (And other such purely altruistic acts of kindness)

8. Receiving unexpected texts from friends who genuinely care about me and are checking up on me.

9. Finally seeing how certain events in my life fit into the greater scheme of things.

10. Feeling like I can achieve anything that I can set my mind to.

11. Belonging to my team and clique from TK.

12. Knowing there are dreams that cannot be, but that all storms can be weathered if only for God’s grace.

13. Learning new things and getting it immediately.

14. Spontaneous moments where I sing and dance for myself and at times, others.

15. When I pray and my eyes twitch.

16. When I say the rights things at the right time to someone who needs to hear those words.

17. Reading a book/watching a show that relates directly to my life.

18. When I am forgiven for doing something wrong.

19. Having a perfect day, where everything is right, according to me.

20. Being naturally gifted at something.

This list is personal, as is the assignment. God is everywhere. This is how he appears to me. Sometimes all we need to find God is to remember the signs he’s shown us, right?


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