I Pray, I pray

The still of the night
The clamoring of rain
I sit in my abode
Trying to pass time, ah, but all in vain

The night devours
My head goes weary
Tiredness like a drunken stupor
Paralyses my body and steals my ponder

My mind, my strength
Now in a fearsome paradox
One yields to rest alluring
The other cannot

For through my youth, I have been taught
Never to end a day, without thanks to the Lord
I summon every ounce of strength I have left
Just to stay awake, just to sit up straight, just to speak to my God

Countless nights I face this internal struggle
Many a times I give in to the devil
But in times I yield to my spirit
Many a surprise await, past this peril

God comes and converses with my being
I tell him all my fears; loneliness without concealing
We speak of the days passed and of the future uncertain
And through this prayer He gives me consolation

All the tiredness around me fades away
Only a peace of heart is here to stay
I pray, I pray my soul to stay
I pray, I pray to thank God for today




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