Good afternoon everyone. I am from Jon’s community, Leaven of God.

Jon joined our community at the end of 2011. It’s been little over a year, but we’ve shared wonderful memories.

That Christmas, we had an amazing race around Gardens after midnight mass.

He hosted our Chinese New Year gathering a month later at his place. We had two tables of steamboat, and gambled with fake money after that.

He came for our retreat in February. In that retreat, Jon delivered a testimony. He sat on a chair, held a script but hardly looked at it. He rubbed his face in that distinctive way of his, then shared a story about himself – about eczema, about school and about loneliness, about family and about joy, and also about God. I remember thinking to myself: I’ve never heard anyone say the word ‘really’ so many times in a sharing before. I also remember thinking to myself: I’ve never heard anyone pour himself out in that lucid, vulnerable way that Jon does when he shares.

During our canteens, he would bring these large bags full of soya bean. Always very popular with the uncles and the, eh, the older generation.

He journeyed with us in our Sojourn program, the most ambitious project we have ever embarked on as a community. We printed this community T-shirt around that time, and he loved it. Many of us wear it today.

Jon loved our community. He loved us. He once wrote on our blog, “the question to us is whether are we willing to trust in Jesus and give our 5 loaves and 2 fishes?” Jon was willing. He gave us his 5 loaves and 2 fishes. He gave his time, he gave his commitment, he gave his presence and his brokenness. He gave himself. We have so much to thank him for that.

He used to tell us he didn’t like humid weather. He always wanted to go some place with aircon because of his eczema. But he never complained if we didn’t. He would have loved the weather the past few days. Perhaps the weather was his way of sharing his joy with us from wherever he is right now.

Some would say that he found a place with us, in our community. We don’t know if we managed to provide that place for him in this world. But we trust, we hope, we pray, that he has found his place in the next.

To uncle Gerald, aunty Teresa, Grace, Mary, Jon’s grandparents, and the family’s helper, we thank you. We thank you for the gift of Jon, for loving and raising him to be the son of God that we know him to be. Thank you for sharing him with us. It was, it is, an honour to have known and loved him.



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