this may not be completely right

The Catholic Church possesses a nature that transcends time through God. Traditions, theology and understanding passed through the ages by the apostolic succession and obedience to God are what makes this Body of Christ through time. The physical body may change, but we retain (or at least attempt to retain) the same spiritual body of the same Church through the ages. This is something no upstart pastor comprehends. To divide a community due to conflict of ego is a sin against the Holy Spirit which i hope none of us are put to the test.

Why isn’t the Church ordained female priest? It’s above women’s rights. Ordination is a sacrament and defers to divine will which is exercised by ordained priest down the line of Peter. To discern the will of God is no mean feat as it carries weight according to the discernment. No one who has discern decisions for Church, community and family can say with absolute certainty they discerned fully. Isn’t a lightest thing to brush about rights, wavy arguments and heated passions to be ended off with a dismissive laugh. If the Patriarch decides more time is needed to discern, so be it. Also, the ordained priestly vocation is one cross hefty to bear and lies continual discernment (just like any other vocation but heavier as duty of the shepherd is entrusted to him (and controversially, her).


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