Love Letter

Dear Jesus,

I can barely remember the first time we met; I know it wasn’t a love at first sight kind of thing. My memory only brings me back to quiet whispers while I served on the altar or that faint touch when I first received communion. I barely took notice of you in my life, but slowly you began to fill the depths of my soul.

You stuck around throughout my school days and soon you became a big part of my life. I somehow always found myself in your Father’s houses or talking to your mother. Before I knew it, we got really close. Sometimes I imagined us spending time together you and I sitting on a wooden bench beneath a wise oak tree. Though imaginary, a part of me knows that they really happened; a touch of eternity whispering times past and yet to come.

I remember those times in deep prayer and sheer grace where you showed me the whole of heaven arrayed before my eyes and the hidden gears of the universe turning by the mere will of God. Those incredibly short moments always left me breathless, restless and yearning for more; but they were rare and I spent many a day trying to replicate them.

As we grew closer you showed me the work you had to do and the Kingdom you had to build. You asked me to carry my cross and feed your lambs. But amidst the voices of the world, at times I did not listen, for which I’m sorry. Jesus sometimes I wish to return to those simple days of simple joys. But I understand and I will do what you ask of me. As you gave me your life, I shall give you mine.




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