Have you experienced the Word?

Sometime last year, I asked the question ‘How can I go deeper in my faith?’. I desired a more intimate daily relationship with Jesus – not a God encounter sorta way, but a deepening of knowledge and love for Christ. So I picked up the bible (or downloaded it on my phone).

Every morning, I open up and read the daily mass readings on the way to work. Then, I head to http://www.csctr.net for Archbishop William Goh’s daily reflections. It has become a morning routine. I don’t always have amazing insights, some days I’m distracted, tired or just lazy to ponder on the words. But there are good days too, where my mind and heart are open to see what God is speaking to me and I experience how powerful the Word is.

Sometimes a phrase strikes me and it goes onto a postit for my work desktop. Currently, it says ‘Be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy’ (Lev19) which I came across at the start of Lent. I think it’s the Father’s personal invitation and assurance to me this Lent. I’ve been wrestling with my ugly traits, feeling inadequate and lousy everytime I fail in holiness and fall to sin. So it’s a reminder that God calls me to imitate Him in word, thought and deed; but also that it is He who will grant me the grace to be holy in my life.

We all have favourite bible passages/phrases that stick with us, which is testimony to how alive the Word is, that Jesus himself is fully dwelling amidst us. In scripture, we encounter the Living God, and His words strengthens us, challenges us and reminds us of the depth of His love. There’s SO MUCH to experience – a reminder, a new insight or perspective.

So if you’re looking for Jesus, why not find Him in scripture today? 🙂 just 15 mins and allow God to surprise you.

– Jess


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