Space (spoken word)

Full transcript can be found here.


  • Jason, for the ‘Asgard and Astronauts’ reference, and for loaning his house and pool.
  • Jes and Von, for enduring my humiliating first take (in cui shirt), and for vetting subsequent takes.
  • God, for all things, and particularly for incepting this post in CSC Ado last Monday.


Mel thinks that some words don’t look like what they mean. For instance, ‘moribund’ looks cute, and ‘felicity’ reminds him of a cat. Currently, he likes the word ‘stravaig’, though he hasn’t had much opportunity to use it. And he always forgets the word ‘bildungsroman’. He has never wanted to be an astronaut; he had/has higher aspirations. He is a Summoner: Miti Mumway ❤ 


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