God and I: An update


Can’t really identify where I am in life now.

Just ended school, been working and now transiting into university

Yeap, in a transitional period, in a liminal space

Still trying to find my balance between family, old friends, new friends, community, school

How about my faith? Yeap, in a transitional period too

For the longest time I thought I could simply believe, but belief alone is insufficient

I must know God. Especially through the Bible

I need to take small steps, because I never ever sustain what I begin and try to commit

I shall shamelessly say, I’m going to buy my own Bible, finally

Other than that…

I’m beginning to realise my faith is somewhat child-like

And I thank God for the innocence in my belief despite the fact that some may think it shallow

I love to thank God everyday because I see the multiple blessings He has showered me with.

Often, the sorrow and frustrations don’t seem so bad in the face of these blessings

Despite the tinge of darkness that lingers in my mind, there is always hope that things will change

Maybe I’m feeble-minded, too sheltered, too blinded and have yet the face the atrocities of life

Until that comes, I aim to celebrate everyday that God hands me


Nicole likes to think in short sentences. Nicole loves to listen to others. She’s horribly disorganised and have extremely poor time management skills. But she is grateful that she is surrounded with people who can tolerate  and forgive her. She hates the fallibility of memory because every time she thinks about a great idea in the shower, she’d forget what it is the moment she steps out of the toilet.


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