Water, Wine & Wolves – LOG Holiday to Bintan

“Guys!! I’ve never been for a LOG holiday beforeeeee =(” Greg laments (sad face and all). Thus, the idea of our LOG holiday was incepted.

IMG_2414With Nigel and Tsui attempting and Jes eventually commandeering the planning of the holiday, 11 of us set off for Bintan on Friday morning, 19th July 2013. 3 more joined us that night; another 3 joined us on Saturday morning – a total of 17.


And so the stage is set. In the resort town, a community of the faithful gathers after a dreary week to enjoy each other’s company. It was to be filled with fun and laughter.

Dawn breaks. The community come out from their residences and welcome the morning. They gather to banter and to play.

Our accommodation is simple and comfortable. We stay in little air-conditioned huts with wooden flooring, a small TV and decent bedding. After dumping our belongings, we head straight for the beach. Jess doles out the sunblock; Ben complements it with aloe vera.

The sand and sea are clean. The beach is empty.


The first morning, we play captain’s ball in the sea. We are unglam and clumsy, and the ball is soft and half-pumped. No one really bothers. We get noticed by some locals, who tempt us into betting on a 5v5 soccer game with them. But with Nigel and Justin as the only people who actually play soccer, Tsui and Soo who don’t, and Mel who shoots when he tries to pass, we wisely resist the temptation. Even after they sneakily pretend that they don’t really play that well.

The rest of the morning, we bob in the water and camwhore around.

IMG_2467The second morning, we kayak. We try to play ball-tag. But being the catcher is tiring, and we end up just rowing and floating around. We finish off with a race to the shore Jess, completely exhausting ourselves. Andrew does his lone wolf thing, takes a single kayak and goes off on his own.

After that, we play volleyball in the noob way that people who have never played volleyball play – few rallies, many serves, most of the running to pick balls.


As time passes, suspicions grow. The community grow wary of one another. They are keenly aware that werewolves lurk amongst them. But who is it?

Dom and Nigel are clearly beasts.

The place we stay at has a nice pool nearby. At one corner is a secluded section of the pool that has nets at opposite ends. The beach and sea are wonderful, but we need some respite from the sand and salt in the afternoons. We end up playing water polo.

IMG_2491Nigel scores from half the length of the pool. He pummels every goalkeeper (except Jes) with his shots. The half-pumped ball was clearly God’s plan.

Dom… does whatever he does. He cuts swathes through defenders and attackers, teammates and opponents. Just by splashing.

The little girl cheats. While the wolves prowl, she peeks to see who they are. But if she is caught, she dies from shock.

Some kids stare at us while we’re playing polo. Their first language is Chinese, but they speak pretty good English. A boy stands outside the pool, beside the goalpost. We pass the ball to him, and he scores for us. He’s a bit confused as to which side he plays for. When we change the game to ‘Monkey’, we invite them to join us.


“好啊!谁是 Monkey?”

“那个黑人。还有中间那些举手的。” Greg protests against racism.

When a Monkey claims the ball from the boy, the boy promptly declares, “我有免死金牌。”

We decide to grant all the kids immunity after that. Kids are cheaters.


Night falls. The community retires after partaking in a meal together – to rest, to sleep, to prepare for the next day. But it is at night when true identities are revealed, when potions are concocted, when tongues are loosened by drink.

Meals are not cheap. This is a touristy place that we are in, and prices are in SGD rather than rupee rupiah. After a terrible first lunch that we unanimously agreed was not worth our S$8, we settled for pricier but much more decent fare.

The dinners are the most memorable. The cafe/diner is pretty empty, so there is no issue when we request that all of us sit at a long table. Swee plays his guitar while we wait for food. Zhane and Nigel chill at the beach, listening to the waves crash upon the shore. Von takes a solitary walk.

All of us share food and share lives.

The Fortune Teller awakes. And the True Identity of one is revealed.

IMG_2461Andrew is nervous throughout the entire first morning. He is scheduled to receive his posting at 10am. Lo and behold, a die is cast, and a fate is revealed. Through the wonders of wi-fi (that only works intermittently) comes the highly anticipated news: Andrew is to be an Officer. The community celebrates.

There are excited whispers of “first pay”, “treat” and “crab” following closely one after another. Let the record reflect this.

The Witch awakes. She brews her potion. Will it heal or will it kill?

Nigel claims that the cure to everything is alcohol. He and Andrew have it all planned. They’ve brought the alcohol and the mixers; they’ve chilled the cups. Alex brings in a bottle of moscato for the OCS-Celebration.

The second night, Tang falls to the concoctions – 13 shots of them. Kong takes 2 and goes high. “I’m flyingggggggggg,” he proclaims. He has never felt this way before.


We chat late into both nights. Some drink, some talk, some sleep.

But that comes later. Before that, everyone plays The Game.


At last, the moon rises. There is a soft growling. It grows louder and louder until it becomes a howl in the night. The werewolves have awakened.


IMG_2463The killing begins while the night is still young. We gather in the late-nighters’ (Swee, Tsui, Nigel) room to play Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow after we have bathed. Tsui complains that we are raping his bed. Nigel knocks out on the floor every alternate game. Jes is a werewolf for the most part of the nights.

The Game is split into the Day and Night phase. At Night, the werewolves pick a victim to eliminate from the Game. In the Day, the community votes a member whom they suspect as a werewolf to lynch.

The next morning, the community gathers. Accusations are thrown and suspicions are cast. The Sheriff takes the lead. Who will be lynched? 

“The Sheriff’s Message of the Day is…” Swee declares. He makes a brilliant Sheriff. Dom’s werewolfing is so discreet that even the dead and his fellow werewolves do not know that he is one. Greg is completely bamboozled.

“I feel like I’m surrounded by werewolves!!” Greg moans. Tsui’s dream team of werewolves comprises of Swee, Tang, Jess and Mel. The team rampages through the community, saving Greg as the Little Girl for the last. The dead can hardly keep from laughing. Greg thereafter declares his absolute lack of trust in Mel.

IMG_2487But in the end, the final play rests with Kong. Who is completely innocent (he has never been a wolf). And completely confused. Alex, Soo and him are the last players in the last game. His deciding vote will lynch Alex or Soo.

“Tell me in two sentences why I shouldn’t vote for you.”

“Show me your most innocent face.”

After long (hilariously) torturous moments, Kong is forced to make a decision. He votes to lynch Soo. Soo turns out to be a wolf.

(Wolf: used figuratively to refer to a rapacious, ferocious, or voracious person or thing)

And so the community wins. Thus ends the Game; thus ends an awesome holiday.



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