New CORE of 2013

Today we have a new core: Jes, Kong, Soo, Greg and Yvonne. Actually, only 2 new heavyweights. After 12 waste paper baskets, Ms Sarah and Hilda Foo counting under great anticipation (sianess and hunger), we finally gotten ourselves 5 souls … Continue reading

Protected: Similitude

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Be Right Back!

Dear faithful readers (if we do actually have faithful ones),

We would like to announce that we are currently on a hiatus. We will be stopping our weekly blogposts for the moment.

Liver’s post The Extrovert marked the end of our latest series of posts. We began our first series of weekly blogposts with bible reflections, our second series were posts that were exactly 300 words long, and our third and latest series were sharings about days of our lives.

At this juncture, we’re in the midst of having our core elections. We ask for your prayers as LOG discerns its next team of leaders to shepherd the community amidst very exciting times for our Diocese.

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay tuned for the next series of weekly logblogposts 😀

Of yourself

Self-knowledge is prized among men. EQ in employees is ranked high among employers. Surely, you have sought out who you are, what you can be etc. Modern day spiritualism tells you that you could grow yourself. ‘Tis true due to … Continue reading