Hello from the far North!

Hello everyone!

Hope everything is going good with you all! This is just an update from me and also my sharing for the past two weeks. 🙂

Okay so Melmel passed me the sharing questions for the core elections discussion and in thinking about where I see LOG in the next 2 years, something I’ve been envisioning and also sort of expecting to happen is that everyone will sort of breech a new phase of life – whether it’s in within a particular job or going into a new job or just growing up – and I suppose we’ll all find new things / go deeper into old things we’re passionate about, in terms of like personal mission. But when this happens I think LOG will become the place where we arm ourselves for for these personal missions. I don’t mean that we won’t have a common direction or anything but just that maybe large projects will happen less and our secondary mission will be to groom missionaries. I can’t remember whose sermon this was and I don’t remember the exact context (but it was one that I was actually listening to) but it said smth like people go to church every week to remind themselves of their mission – to spread God to others through their actions. So yes, that’s where I see LOG 🙂

Where I would need to grow if I were a core leader… firstly and mostly importantly is in my own faith life. I do think that even though I’ve recently found some motivation to journey more closely with God, I definitely have a long way to go in terms of making him the center of my life and also drawing confidence from him in my day-to-day dealings. The second area is probably that of understanding people and the dynamics of community. Because personally I’m not the most active when it comes to journeying with people and now it’s increasingly tougher considering I’m halfway across the earth but I suppose core leader or not, these are some important things I should think about fixing up!

Yeabz, will be with y’all in prayer during this election period! 

Just a little update from Scotland! School is starting on Monday and I’m honestly very very excited amidst being rather down because I haven’t met many like-minded/friendly people (none my age anyway). Probably facing something like a severe culture shock because everyone just appears really different from me and it’s so difficult to make friends! Some people are just intimidating and difficult to approach while others are just plain rude and it’s very tiring to try to be friendly to people who aren’t in the least bit receptive.

I’ve been trying to pray and God is faithful, even though things aren’t really looking up. PTL bec the other day I was sitting down to lunch alone when this girl who stays at my B&B approached me. She’s a masters student who was nice enough to invite me to sit with her and her friends and then go with me to the societies fair, where I met some other Singaporeans. I’m also blessed to have another CJ girl here who is terribly sociable and lucky to have found nicer people who include me very willingly too. BEST OF ALL, I found the Catholic kids. I haven’t been around enough to know many people but it seems like a really really great place. Today I met one of the Dominican priests and he told me that they have beginner Theology talks every Monday where they teach abt Thomas Aquinas and all. He also told me that many in the Catholic Students Union had been to Taize and they do retreat trips once every semester so I’m hoping to go on one of those. 🙂 

Also really thankful that my mum is here with  me because I really don’t know what I would have done if I had to face all this stuff alone. I’m not sure if many of y’all know but when I was younger and less conscious of the world, my family stayed in a couple of Western countries for relatively brief periods of time and so my mum has had many experiences with culture shocks and like general cluelessness so PRAISE GOD she has been talking me through everything and motivating me too. 

I just ask for your continued prayers as I press on and grow in this new journey and I’m praying for all of you guys too! 🙂 


❤ Alex


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