I have always wondered why God revealed himself to me when he did

I have always wondered why God revealed himself to me when he did.


Have you ever wished that God intervened in your life at a time you deemed best and most appropriate?

Have you ever wondered why God never made himself prevalent or pertinent in your life up till the present date or perhaps XXX years/months ago?

Have you ever asked God if he REALLY CARED about YOU?

Or if there really is a plan that has been created and moulded uniquely for YOU?

Why did’t he stop you from doing that? Why didn’t he guide you in that path? Why did he pave a way for HER but not for YOU?

Why the insanely painful memories/experiences?

WHY? WHY. WHY! Why me.

If these questions have been lurking around in your mind and feeding the seed of discontentment and resentment within you? It’s time you start guiding them to the exit sign, like I did.

 I’ve always resented God (secretly) in the recesses of my heart. I resented him for not revealing himself to me at an early age, for the cross I have been carrying and the past that bounded me. If there was a doubting Thomas of this century, I might possibly be able to contest to that.

Sometimes I wish these unceasing, self- inflicting questions could be halted at once in my mind and heart. Because the truth is? I would never have a definitive answer due to the sheer fact that, I’m not God. And no one, no earthly being would be able to satisfy me or the answers I seek.

What keeps me going then? How can I still solider on?

This is when the concept of ‘blind’ faith and hope comes in.

The challenge to believe WHOLE HEARTEDLY that God’s plan must be unfolding. Because it has already been sealed before YOU were born.

And mind you, having that truckloads (my lingo) of faith and hope require cultivation and knowing your God personally.

You know what it’s like?

It’s like being beaten and crushed by a big fat boisterous bully but smiling because you know that its for a greater good and someone UP THERE IN HEAVEN has got your back.

A person without faith reading this would possibly think of this as a berserk analogy. Who would get beaten up and smile? Not unless you are a sumo…

 Coming to know our God more personally has freed me in my recent days.

I have been slowly accepting and embracing the past and present which have been hard to grapple with.

 Sometimes in my bitter days, it’s nice to wonder…. To imagine having control of your life and God’s plan aligning to your desires. In those fleeting moments, God becomes a minion. Yeah pee-do-pee-do minion. (NO OFFENCE, but that is what happens when you keep insisting on YOUR WILL before God’s will)


I would have been in a different place, different financial status, different outlook. If God revealed himself to me when I WANTED HIM TO, my life would probably have been more than a 360º change.

OH! Before I forget, Let me introduce you to… JACK FROST.


Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians.

I think he understands me…… (REALLY)

Jack lived darkness and aimlessness for 300 over years… never knowing where or who he belonged to, never knowing his purpose of living.

He experienced the emotions of doubt, abandonment, fear and rejection.

But although Jack never understood his presence, he had a quiet resilience.

It took him 300years to realize the plan and destiny installed for him. Which was to be, a Guardian.

He was CHOSEN. Hand picked amongst the many.


I would never have braved that.

So now… be thankful when you have snow. Because Jack Frost is working his wonders.

Leaving you with some of his words,



My name is Jack Frost, and I’m a Guardian. How do I know that? Because the Moon told me so. So when the Moon tells you something… believe it.” 

(the moon is like our God, YES? (-: )

 Ultimately, we never will have answer to why God revealed himself to you when he did. He probably knows what he is doing you know? I mean that guy that there has so much wisdom and so much love. The least we could do is to have a little faith like, JACK FROST. Ever heard, a little faith goes a long way. (-:

We can only smile at our struggles believing that the glory of God will flow through your wounds and hurts.

Also, to always look around, look beyond yourself and count your blessings.

May you find your centre (Nicholas St North) and always have hope in God ❤


Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Have faith then, little one.


Love always,



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