I have always wondered why people are so oversensitive & overreact to situations

Daniel: Eh bro, thanks for jio-ing me to the gym today. A long required workout

Eli: Haha no problem Daniel. Needed to train & bulk plus need to always look good for the many women out there 😛 15Kg let’s go!!!

Daniel carries 15kg, tries to do a bicep curl and struggles his way to lift his arm up

Eli: Daniel, you’re such a weak-ling dude!

Daniel: Weak-ling? What you trying to imply eh? That I am not strong enough, not manly enough? That I am lousy? Not as good as you. I know! I know! Don’t ever jio me to gym with you ever again la since I am such a weak-ling!

Eli: Whuuuuut? Take a chill pill dude

Have you met people who are sensitive in your life? Have you met people who just take things too seriously and get so uptight about everything? I am sure you have. And sometimes in our head we think to ourselves, this person really needs to chill and relax or that was just a joke, why so serious?


According to PsycologyToday, there is often confusion about sensitivity, both to ourselves and to others, that our sensitivity makes us insecure, shy, anxious, depressed and defensive among other traits. Sensitivity does not cause these traits nor do they themselves cause someone to become highly sensitive. But when you’ve experienced repeated humiliation, rejection, judgement or criticism because of your sensitive nature, many of us will tend to respond not only with hurt feelings but with damaging behaviours that ultimately push away the love and acceptance we’ve always longed for.

One of the responses to our own negative feelings is defensiveness. While a defense is not inherently bad, it can create barriers between ourselves and other people. We all need some defenses and they have evolved naturally as a way of protecting ourselves. It’s healthy to be cautious when entering a new environment, for example, or to ask questions when meeting new people. But taken too far, defensiveness can blind us to the genuine caring of others and escalate conflict in the very relationships that are meant to be healing.

Feeling criticised or attacked is actually only the trigger for the defensive reaction. The real root is deep feelings of inadequacy. If you have been judged, blamed, criticised or controlled, you will inevitably feel that there is something wrong with you. You will feel that you are not good enough. And that hurts. We all want to be accepted and loved for who we are. So when someone says something that sounds like it might be a criticism or complaint about you, it’s just too painful to hear again. What’s left is a dangerously fragile person who sees every word, every encounter, as a personal attack and comes out fighting to try to avoid getting hurt again. Instead of talking and listening, you pull up the drawbridge and roll out the big guns.

Women are usually addressed as the sensitive ones or who are perceived to be the more sensitive gender. The truth is that women are sensitive because they are usually driven very much due to their emotions. But this fact does not imply that males are not sensitive. Truth be told, every human is sensitive, because we are all also people who are broken, wounded and unloved.

As it is mentioned above, everyone has who experienced repeated humiliation, rejection, judgement or criticism in one way or another; everyone has an experience or an insecurity which can be the trigger point of sensitivity and a whole outburst of emotions & reactions. This is as much of a scientific reason which explains the nature of sensitive beings.

Guess what? The church agrees with science that it is true that because of the many hurtful and undesirable encounters in a person’s life they become people who are so wounded, so very sensitive. Broken & wounded people are bound to hurt another person and these hurts will just carry on, the hurts will either be passed on or piling up on the past hurts. So is there no stop to this ridiculous cycle of the chain effect of hurt people hurting another and causing a whole lot of broken, wounded people.

Well, there is one answer, the best and so far the most trusted source. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is love and he is the source of all healing and grace. An oversensitive person is wired in such a manner is because of the unresolved hurts and deep wounds due to their experiences & brokenness in their life experiences. And Jesus is the source of all the love a hurting, wounded person needs and the spirit of God will overwhelm the hurting soul, he will be the medicine to the wounds and HE is the God of freedom!

So the next time a friend overly reacts to something, you will be able to identify that this person probably has a deep hurt or insecurity in this area. And so introduce Jesus to this person and pray with that person in that moment for the healing they will need. If you identify yourself being over sensitive, take a deeper look at the root cause and bring it to Jesus and seek him and the liberation and freedom will follow in his time.

Finally, as cheesy as this sounds to all of us wounded people out there reading this or if you are thinking of someone, Please remember that JESUS LOVES YOU OUTRAGEOUSLY.  (Go tell someone this & be an instrument of healing)

Greg 😀


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