I have always wondered why God created cockroaches …

This is such a hilarious question! I spent the week asking friends this same question, and I got some pretty awesome answers. The reasons are so varied, from extremely unserious ones to ones related directly to God. But the interesting thing is that all answers are unique. Let me share some with you:

1. Well, God created cockroaches so that guys can get girls. Cockroaches scare girls, then the guy will come in to be her saviour!
2. God created cockroaches because he wants us to know even the smallest creatures deserve existence.
3. Because cockroaches have feelers and God wants us to have feelings (-.-)
4. The fact that cockroaches can survive nuclear bombs shows that humans have no sovereignty over nature
5. So that we can hit something …

I feel like I have no choice but to continue this list of reasons why God created cockroaches. Even the smallest, most insignificant, most disgusting soul can have a multitude of reasons why God created it.

Do you struggle with the question of your existence? For example, do you ask yourself: Why did God created me for? I do not contribute to the good of the world in any way. I cannot think of any good reason?

If the existence of a simple cockroach can be justified so easily, it reminds me that reasons why God placed me in the very time, in this very country, in this very family should be as easily justified. What more a cockroach than you? In fact, the list of why God created you is probably even longer than why God created cockroaches. We are after all, Children of God

So let me continue my list of reasons why God created cockroaches.

6. Cockroaches may seem like useless animals. However, God created them because they are an important part of the global food wed. As omnivorous scavengers, they will decompose and recycle litter. (Similarly, our relationships with people can be seen like the food web. Everything is in balance. So are you with the people in our life)

7. God created cockroaches to teach us to be clean

8. God created cockroaches because he is hilarious God and he likes scaring people (poking a little fun)

9. Because … he is creative and he decided that placing a gigantic body on 6 extremely thin legs would totally work out. It ultimately shows that God is the greatest and ultimate Creator.

The list goes on… Perhaps you should add? 


– Nicole


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