I have always wondered where God is – when I was a child, I’d look up to the sky and God was only there – where is He?

Where is God? This question seems like an eternal cliché, one that has no real answer and yet seems obvious all at once. Yes, extremely confusing but bear with me on this. Everyone says God is everywhere, but I’ve realized that they always forget to mention one very important tip. God is everywhere, only if you look hard enough.

As a child that grew up on Disney fairytales and cartoons, I must admit that my version of the Heavenly Kingdom, looked very much like Cinderella’s castle. It made sense when I was a kid; The Heavenly Father, the Prince of Peace, stayed in a castle. And Heaven, where the Sovereign Lord resided was a faraway kingdom hidden beneath the clouds.


Fast forward 19 years, and my perception of Heaven, and where God is, is much different.

As an angsty teenager, I struggle sometimes to see God in any of the things I do, and to find a glimpse of God’s unconditional mercy and love in the people around me. Its much easier to pass life as unfair and to skulk and whine about the endless tasks I have to complete to get a decent grade in school so I can graduate with a decent degree and get a decent job when I graduate that will probably only result in more skulking and whining. Ok, you get the picture.

But, there is a silver lining to this angst. Although God may seem elusive at first, He is still obvious to even the weariest of hearts, tear-filled eyes and woe-filled spirits. I dare claim that God’s presence is obvious because there is always a silver lining – and that silver lining is God.

God is your best friend’s wise words on a bad day.

God is your mom/dad offering you a lift somewhere when you’re running late.

God is the kind smile from the Starbucks barista handing you your daily coffee fix.

God is the hot sun after its been pouring for days.

God is bus arriving just as you get to the bus stop.

During this advent season, God is here. He is in everything we do with love for ourselves and especially for others.

/find God.



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