I have always wondered what the most significant keepsake that you have is.

I don’t have any keepsake that I have now. But I used to have one many years back. It’s my teddy bear! I had him since I was born! 🙂

One day, in our old house, I rummaged through our baby clothes and I found my old baby shirt and put it on for my teddy bear. Last time, playing “baby” with my soft toys was my favourite game. I fed my teddy bear with ‘milk’ and carried it everywhere I went. When we shifted to the new house, it shared my pillow with me! 🙂

I grew closer to him and hugged it when I was feeling down. I used to tuck him to bed every night and he shared my pillow with me. I brought it along on holidays and it gave me the security and comfort just by hugging it or putting it beside me.

As I grew older, teddy is still a significant keepsake that I have, though I dont tuck him to bed or let him share my pillow. He’s still my favorite teddy! 🙂 I still hold him once in awhile when I am on my bed when I am feeling sad/bored.

Here’s a picture of it! 🙂




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