Experiencing community in 2013

This post was not suppose to be this image heavy but when i looked at the images involving community I realize just how much time went into community. I feel privileged to have experienced community and this is just 2013 alone. This golden age in community gets shinier each year.

While we may not have journeyed very intensely sometimes, whining and being annoyed with one another, this experience in community has really transformed since 2004. I thank LOG for being there for me, for most importantly listening to me when I was sad, confused, happy, nonsensical, inspired and lost. I thank LOG for giving me the strength to pray out loud just by sheer support. I thank LOG for adding life to mine by talking and being friends with me. I thank LOG for believing in putting me in core (though I don’t quite know why). I haven’t even gotten into thanking LOG for fetching me home when home got further, for the honest conversations, suppers and game nights, etc etc… it amazes me just how much we’ve been through in this one year.

Most importantly, I thank God for giving me community to journey alongside with, to live with.

To be honest, at times I loved community a little more than I love God and I got angry, but praise God for that friendly poke to pray and go back to him more.

In the extraordinary – We usually have a party that involves some strange prop/attire. One year it was pyjamas, one year it was a cut out of von’s face.

In life circumstances – half the people in log/in this picture don’t work but it’s about making the effort to listen #workrants

Celebrating for the archdiocese – being part of a larger church

Celebrating traditions – church life isn’t just in church, it isn’t just for church stuff

Starting journeys on a good note – celebrating paul’s confirmation and the joy of easter

With effort – Having community surprise me when I very rarely get surprised

For fun – because playing sports makes us feel like kids

Celebrating everybody’s birthday – and just taking the time to do so

Going for holiday to create memories – so that people won’t be too stuck to the life they lead in Singapore

Proclaiming with catholics in Singapore – and being empowered together

Discerning ministry – Heading in the same direction together

Watching people take a different path – but praying together

Serving in SFX – and adding occasional silliness

Ending it with Christmas – and meeting new people

Embracing the vision of the church – and discerning our individual vocations

Coming full circle going back to Malacca with 1Cor12

We get much more than we give/sacrifice.

And so in the past few conversation about not being journeyed enough with, feeling left out, leaving LOG to minister elsewhere or maybe just when we let those magical moments slip by, I wept because it hurt. But when I remember God’s plan and how we need to face God and not other people, I can smile. Happy struggle. Yay (:

Whatever it is, I pray we will all turn to God a little more this year. Exciting times, exciting times.

To 9 years.


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