I have always wondered what my life would be like if I was not Catholic

So a little lad’s sleepy eyes open young again. He is reborn.

His family isn’t Catholic, unlike that on another Time Thread. As there are infinite possibilities, each Time Thread is an existence of a certain set of possibilities that occurred. He doesn’t know the Creed, the Lord’s prayer, Mass and other Catholic stuff as he isn’t Catechized. Alas! His Sense, Presence and Mind is different. The Singaporean values take precedence. The 5Cs , or the 7Cs are the only pursuits in life, or at least mainstay observances in this 2nd life. At school, he thinks of only pleasing his friends and teachers. Few things are not beyond his Willingness to do. Things in school be Academic scores, Friends and later on Girls. Nothing more, maybe less. During school holiday, the lust of overseas trips takes precedence, which can only grow.

Morals? Definitely there’ll be. What is a man without morals? And what is a family that hasn’t any or seeks to perpetuate those? He takes his moral compass like that during his Catholic life in the former Time Thread. He processes these “morals” like any other man or boy. He sees what fits him, what pressures that drives him to pick this one or that one. However, unlike that in his former life, he doesn’t listen to the Pope and the Church.

So eventually after primary school, secondary school and junior college. The schools he went to are different from the former Time Thread. He does as about as well as he did in his former life. Does he knows that there is God or a gods? Yes he knows because of past experiences. But he doesn’t know how to think about it. He goes read here and there, along with some sampling during those schooling years.

He goes into Army as like that in the previous Time Thread. Maybe it is during this time he starts to being evangelize, not by Catholics in this bit of Irony. He emerges from army, perhaps not converted. Events in life do stream into his head, but doesn’t form anything concrete. Religion(s) are just a far-off myth for those Losers to grasp at. They do not do any better than ordinarily people on average. But maybe they do get connections for some of them. He reaches ORD and moves onto life after army. He doesn’t make the same mistakes he avoided the past time because he thinks. He does think, just slightly differently I suppose.

Then comes university in a flash. I don’t suppose life would be too much different for him. He is far too absorbed with the struggles. But a key difference would be that he doesn’t look forward to weekends in the same way. There is still work to do. He doesn’t get involved in burnt weekends. Maybe the work is more manageable. But he remains distracted, or more distracted.

He returns back to the original Time Thread.

After the bout of imagining how it might be to not to be Catholic, he sits in front of his computer pondering. Maybe there isn’t much difference because he never allowed himself to be fully catholic. Maybe his life would be equally colourful, just that in a different way. He would find other ways to fill his need for distractions. Schools be different. Choices be different. He would feel that his being is different.

But maybe in any case or any life, God be holding him.



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