I have always wondered why nice people always get hurt while the mean ones get away

H is for happy –
What we feel when people are nice;
And H is for heart –
What makes nice people love, rather than despise.

Yet H is also for hurt –
With shadows that haunt a soft, loving heart,
A monster that taunts a warm, mellow soul.
Till the hearts of nice people
No longer beat with jive all alive.
Instead, cold runs rife.

Stone hearts make people vindictive,
Hard hearts create the urge to demean.

Others all around
Run away at the speed of sound,
From the sourness that is disguised as pomp,
But in reality, are hurt souls going on a romp.

No, mean people don’t triumph or get away,
When they put others down or make people frown.

In truth, they inflict pain because
Floundering in the quagmire of self-pity and
Amidst the cold of betrayal,
All they can do is
To drag others down
In a desperate bid to haul themselves out
Of the hurt that hardened their hearts.

Perhaps, you might say that
Nice people still get hurt.
Perhaps that is true…
But methinks this is because
Their hearts remain vulnerable for me and you.
Despite being at the mercy of human frailty,
Loving hearts continue to build trust and piety.

So next time you wonder
Why nice people suffer,
Remember that they may be hurt
In the course of nature,
But not before they make the world a tad happier.

And when you then walk past
Mean people with their heist,
Remember that they had their hearts turned hard,
When life dealt them a bad card.

So, say a prayer and do a good deed,
For people who you think are mean.
And in God’s good time, they will glean
The greatness of being good.



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