How do we live ‘the good life?’

unnamedIn the humble room downstairs, LOG kicked off a series of sessions titled ‘The Good Life – Sin and Lifestyle’.

In addition to the usual numbers, the group welcomed 4 newcomers from RCIY, the zombies who have risen from the grave of exams and the ever joyful Clair who has been journeying with the group for the past 2 weeks.

We began with a Praise and Worship session led by Soo. It was lighthearted and authentic as Swee tackled the cahon for the first time and the singing was unsteady. Nevertheless, it always helps to center everyone on God with a couple of songs, like racers before a start line.

Small Jess took over the input part of the session and wrote the words ‘THE GOOD LIFE’ on the board. (we are so blessed to have a huge white board D:) She started off by breaking down the word good and introduced 2 greek words to us: Kalos and Agathos. The first referring to the intrinsic value of goodness and the latter referring to an active or aggressive kind of goodness. (Kindness being a passive kind of goodness)

We were then led through a time when we recognized goodness, how we have seen glimpses of God’s goodness in the beauty of creation, helping us trust that God has desired a good life for us.

We tackled a couple of questions like that of St Augustine’s, “Why did I not abandon my hopes of this world and devote myself entirely to the search of happiness?” The question was baffling as it was met with both uncertainty and a distinct answer from myself, “Because God made the world and it is good”.

Lastly, we hear a testimony from Von who shared her Korean dilemma with us. She pointed us back to the God and his instruction manual (aka the bible) and shared about how she was affirmed of her decision recently.

The session scratched the surface of goodness but it was sufficient to peak interest for the following sessions and drive home the importance of choosing the good life. There is much to look forward to, Jn 10:10 “I have come to give you life”.


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