Update from Norway (Mel)


Dear LOG,

I plan to write postcards to people. But since this is a message for community, I shall not restrict the locality of its expression to 5×7 inches. Besides, as Brenna’s exclamation of disbelief so eloquently illustrates, the fjord photo is already quite postcard-perfect.

A fjord is created when glaciers cut through the rock, then retreat, leaving behind a steep valley in its wake. It is quite amazing that something so sublime and so glorious can emerge from so much violence. In that way, fjords are very much like the Resurrection.

Geirangerfjord (pronounced gai-rang-er-fiord) is Norway’s most famous fjord; it is a UNESCO world heritage site for being the “type locality for fjord landscapes” and the “most scenically outstanding fjord areas on the planet.” It is in the midst of such breathtaking beauty that we all begin talking about the Summer Blockbusters, which spurs a further catchup chat with my cell. On one hand, I am trying to soak in the sights and burn the serenity of the landscape into my memories. On the other, I cannot help but be drawn to the hearth of our groupchats. Fortunately, the boat moves slowly enough through the fjord to do both.

Here’s a short update beyond the present moment. London was cool. No other word for it. I loved the city, and I loved the liberation of exploring it on my own. There were aspects of solo-travel that I did not love, but that is for a more introspective blogpost. As for Norway, Lonely Planet sells it as the “one of the most beautiful countries on earth.” It quite possibly is. It has been a week, and the expenses have been totally worth it – both monetary ($6 for a supermarket bottle of coke) and physical (10-hour hike). Plus my fellow roadtrippers, Ivan and Yip are such good people that I am the most selfish among us three. There’s a running joke that they are being too polite to each other all the time.

I am neither travel-weary nor homesick; I have levelled up as a traveller ^^ (though I do miss my bed). But travel is travel – it is time spent away from home. And LOG is home. So I am eager to come back – to TWINE rehearsals, logmovies, daily mass, Sec 3 Camp and sessions (cue: And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep).

Seeyall in a week, and keeping y’all in prayer 😀


(1.16PM GMT+2, 11 June, Geiranger, Norway)


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