the beatitudes should bring you to a sense, not necessary a state of feeling and/or cognition, of blessedness

a sin of sorts~a perspective of the prodigal sons

there is this passage of the prodigal son in which this parable, Jesus narrates how the younger son of 2 being filled with the eagerness for women, food and wine, took his inheritance and left his father (and family) for dead and set off into the world. he soon realizes that his ways were unsustainable and that people do no really give a damn about him but for his money and what pleasures that may be brought about. he returns to his father and the father wraps him in a new cloak and love, and fills him with fat calf’s meat and love. in a twist, (but in my opinion, it is just plain normal) the elder son becomes the prodigal son and refuses the celebration till the point the father comes out to begs him. i am pretty sure that many are familiar with some form of this narration. and that many people do look into this passage as a source of returning. not so much for me. relating to this in the session on 29th june on sin, where it was discuss sin may be seen as a rebellion against god or where choices were made for things that fall short of god’s goodness. in this sense, the 2 brothers or 2 sons may be looked to as 2 sides of a coin: the elder shared the father’s burdens and sorrows; the younger shared in the father’s joys and goodness. as catholics and christians, we must share in both, taking up the cross as well as delighting in god’s goodness. being one-sided in the faith does not help and is a sin of sorts–the refusal of god in our cognition and emotions. hence trying to understand where the priest in trying to come from in his homily or other works, as well as sharing the spirit of the holy father’s words is a way where the holy spirit brings us into a fuller communion and more fully into the good life. if we find ourselves unable to do so, we should look into why, and deep enough. and if we still find ourselves unable to share so, the father still welcomes you to try again and fail again, but remaining in his loving arms even when we left faraway.

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