The Way, The Truth, The Life


It’s been a pretty monumental time the past couple of weeks. With TWINE (A musical on how ‘the world is not enough’), Nox Gaudii (a gathering of young Singaporean catholics), one year relationship anniversary, moving house and unusual hell weeks at work. I’m not that great a journal-ler but it bothers me when I don’t get to sit down at the end of the day and think about what has happened and it’s significance in my life.

There is a moral to every story, and that was as good as reading 5 books and not reading the last chapter of each. Not the mention, my prayer life inevitably takes a dip even though I tried remembering God in everything I did; small talks and a nice decent catch-up feels rather different, even to God.

So comes Camino. The only time in the year I get to completely disregard work and adopt the ‘long holiday mentality’ I sometimes miss as a student. Another inevitable thing is this constant comparison to the previous mini-camino I did in 2011. But as much as it leads to a lot of enthusiasm, it leads to even more fear. It’s silly fears too.I’m worried my legs can’t hold up. I’m scared that I won’t enjoy the activities as much as before in a large group. I’m afraid that I’ll get bored and regret it. I feel like I won’t have enough time to do everything I would like to do.

But in all this, I’m pretty sure the message is to SURRENDER. In more layman terms, “take a chill pill” and to just go on a holiday as much as everyone think this is not their idea of a holiday. I had this same feeling before San Diego Exchange and look how that turned out! EPIC.

And there’s just lots to think about regarding everything in life. From family, to issues with friends, the mass to vocation. Maybe it’ll be answered/bear fruit, maybe it won’t, I’m starting not to care, like a student the night before their big exam.

So that’s where I am before this month long trip away from home. Everywhere. I will stop thinking now and just pack all that stuff into my bag. Hopefully that’s all I need, and it’s probably too much.

And as if I wasn’t already trying to do everything, drop me a prayer request. Intercessory has always been fruitful so it’s WIN-WIN! and some part of me deep deep down really believes in this idea of intercessory thoguh I can’t quite rationalize why so just drop it in this virtual box: camino2-01

and if you’re curious about the pre-journey, here you go! (:


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