Heavenly Father, we thank you for the community of Leaven of God gathered here today. Thank you for the love You have showered upon them, the guidance in leading them towards building Your kingdom here and the strength endowed by the Holy Spirit to persevere in their faith and grow as a community this past decade.

From a young group born out of passion for building Your kingdom, it was You who have kept that fire burning within them for the past decade, may we always remember that nothing is possible unless it has been fuelled by the Holy Spirit.

In their times of joy and success, may they remember that it’s given by Your grace; in times of tribulation within the community, give them strength to tide through, and faith to believe that everything will be done as You plan in Your most holy and perfect will.

Just as Your disciples supported each other through mission, always remind Leaven of God of the importance to support one another, whether in their personal faith journey or in serving the Church with their gifts.

Bless the community of Leaven of God in their faith journey, in all their intentions and works through their days. We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Blessing after Homily


The night was blessed; it began with Mass. We invited our families, our benefactors, our old members, and our larger 1cor12 community. We sat on a carpet between everyone else, blessed by their prayers and their presence. When Fr B said the words of blessings above, they raised their hands to pray for us. When we said the words of recommitment below, they stood to witness our pledge.

I, _______, a child of God, recommit myself this day to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of my life. I surrender to you my whole heart, being and soul, especially the hidden areas of my life. Take everything, for I desire to hold nothing back.

We, the community of Leaven of God, recommit ourselves as disciples in communion with 1Cor12 and the parish of St Francis Xavier.

Holy Spirit, bring within us a deeper conversion to move beyond our self-centeredness to instead be broken and shared for all – to be leaven for a world hungering for your love.

Jesus, we trust in you, Amen.

– LOG’s Pledge of Recommitment

I initially envisioned our 10th Anniversary to be a small private event. We might have had to entertain guests, but the real celebration would begin after the guests were gone, when we would sit around in a cosy space telling LOG stories, inside jokes, and gossamer truths to one another. We might even perform epic items like spoken word poetry and Les Miserables medleys to each other, and then laugh about all our quirks.

So when we opened the invitation to our larger communities, I worried that it would compromise this moment of celebrating just being with each other. It was an unfounded fear.

We began preparations at 9.30AM. We carried tables, made lego, set up speakers, and rehearsed our items. Justin’s Mum later joked with Andrew’s Mum, “Wa they worse than wedding leh.”

Ten years is a lot to prepare for after all.


Later in the afternoon, as we were all bustling about, I stopped for just a moment and looked around. Our session posters adorned the walls, and an archive of photos littered the table at the back, waiting to find their place on the 10-year timeline. Pockets of people were at random spaces – Liver and Swee were tweaking the audio equipment; Justin and Jes were sweeping the floor; Hilda was in a corner completing her cross-stitch; Kong was laying out the photobooth weapons; Anne was doing mass slides; Andrew and Jess were filling up the timeline. Everyone was doing something, and we were all there sharing in that infinite moment, happily oblivious to how present we were to our togetherness and how together we were in our presence.

And I thought to myself: this is it. Even if the rest of the night was for the larger community, we were a community right there and then, preparing, doing, but also being. We were LOG. We are LOG.

Bless you, God.


Did you see the woman take
The leaven and mix it with the dough
Until it rose and rose and all of it was leavened, still it grows

Matthew thirteen thirty three:
The parable told of by the Lord –
The kingdom of heaven is like leaven that comes from God

In the future when we’re forty, Justin Kong once had a dream,
We will still be eating supper – everything’s the same it seems,
With children and families: the vision’s so bright that it gleams.

Loggers, do you hear God’s call –
The call to be filled with the love of God
Supporting and challenging one another, to be broken, shared for all.

Ten years we have walked this road
Another ten years or more we’ll go
We’ll pray that God’s blessings, graces, and His providence flow.

Loggers, do you hear God’s call –
The call to be filled with the love of God
Supporting and challenging one another, to be broken, shared for all.

Together, this path we have trod
Together, this journey to the Lord
And at the end we’ll be one community – Leaven of God.

Aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaah,
Leaven of God!

– LOG 10th Anniversary Les Mis Medley (to the tune of ‘Do you hear the people sing‘)





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