What God is

As requested by Mel, my transcript for my testimony on 10th anniversary :).

“I joined LoG at the end of Sec 3 after my confirmation so that was 6 years ago. I did not plan to join community when I ended catechism class let alone LoG. At that point it was a mix of not knowing where else to go (because I had just left the servers) and just following my friends Melvyn Wong and Nigel Rankine. It was during those early stages I remember that Timothy Swee told me that he hoped that I would use my heart more than my head. Back then, I would say I already knew a lot about God and what he was. I knew a lot about the Mass and the bible and I thought that was more than enough. I always thought that God was like a mystery that you just had to figure out; I never thought that it would have anything to do with my heart and what I felt. So throughout my journey in LoG I always thought back to what Swee told me and I guess I tried to gradually use my heart more. And over the years I discovered a lot more about God.

God is tea at Arbite.

He is a late night conversation at a Bus Stop.

He is a pile of Christmas cards you think you didn’t deserve.

He is a water balloon fight at Tavistock Park or a race to climb a tree.

He is a quiet car ride home in the middle of the night.

He is a sec 3 camp with a few hours of sleep.

He is a game of beach soccer and kayaking in the sea.

He is the silence before sharing.

He is the kind words and the small affirmations.

He is friends, He is community, He is LoG.

I saw God in the relationships I have with the people here in LoG. And it was in praying, sharing and just experiencing life together as a community that I discovered so much more about my God and it helped me to grow a lot as a person. Having community created a different dimension to my perception of God and it is because of this my relationship with God has become something more personal and more real. God was no longer concept to understand but a person to be known.

I always thought that joining LoG was an accidental thing but perhaps it was also my biggest stroke of luck and I know it was God’s plan that I am here today. I pray that LoG continues to be a place that people encounter God. And today as we look back on how far we’ve come, the victories and the struggles, I hope that we will continue to be inspired by God and continue to strive to know Him and to love Him. That we may become bold and courageous in being His instruments to bring His message of love to others. All praise and glory to God. Amen and Thank you.”

I am painfully aware that just a few posts down is the one I wrote when I wanted to leave community. I guess it is only fitting since God saw fit to start that the whole process with a testimony that I complete the circle with a testimony as well.




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