More Than This

Our community – Leaven of God,
Could it be more than this?

Once upon a summer time,
When we were teenagers young and green,
Just when we got our very name,
We set out on a journey with so much to be seen.

We had big dreams of what we could do and be
A “Honeymoon” – when ignorance was bliss,
When His graces flowed like the sea
These were times we wouldn’t want to give a miss.

So open your eyes and see,
The beauty of the dreams we share and explore
Yet above and beyond the horizons of the sea,
There is more than this of which we dream for.

Time flies, the winds change as autumn arrives.
We’d be busy, busy, busy.
No time for description in our lives,
No time for drinks to make us merry.

Where is everybody we would question.
Too few people, too many leaves to catch
Is there still the need to hold session?
Work, exams or God contest in a match.

So open your ears and listen,
To that soft gentle breeze in the fray,
To that brother’s sharing in repetition.
There is more than this if we stay.

Yet things could only get colder in the winter spell.
Alone in desolation with no consolation
Unmet expectations and emo spirals – oh man we fell
Who were we to blame in this duration?

Dry and sarcastic we may have become
Where is the joy and growth we cry?
Things need to get moving at least for some
Before it’s too late to even try.

So open your palms and claim,
The victory that we can derive
From He who delivers us from shame.
Yes, there is more than this for which we strive.

Alas, it is spring and the flowers bloom,
New life blossoms in community and the unicorns return,
All smiles around the room,
And with joy to supper we adjourn.

This is a time of a much-needed renewal
After dying to ourselves and making things fit,
Well, another milestone, another celebration
We have made it.

So open your hearts and feel,
The love and joy that thrive,
Now we know this is for real,
There is more than this when we come alive.

And in all the seasons,
There is a seasoned hero, truly,
Who would stand by us
In the highest mountain and lowest valley.

More than the hopes and dreams we have,
More than the unmet expectations and disappointments we bear,
More than the struggles and brokenness we have,
More than the times of celebration and the joy we share

More than the number of sessions we’ve planned,
More than the number of people we’ve reached out to,
More than the turnout we have for sharing
More than the number of camps we’ve served in and been to

More than Soo, Swee, Kong, Mel, Mark, Mars, Ben, Clair, Jes, Greg,
More than Justin, Brenna, Andrew, Liver, Alex, Jess, Poey, Jon, Paul, Dom, Sarah,
More than Hilda, Ryan, Zhane, Raphael, Jeremy, Anne, Von,
More than just the name of Leaven of God

We have God.
He knows, He cares and He wills,
The Best for us, the best for LoG –
The best for our community, Leaven of God.

Could it be more than this?




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