Dear God

Hello! How are you doing? I am in a bad shape… So many “dramas” now in life… lets recap what has happened…

Firstly, an accident that happened in 2011 came haunting me with a Writ of Summons… Then, my grandmother passed away… Then my dad hospitalised because of heart attack… Then my thesis got marked down terribly… Then I lost my job at the music school… Now my dad is diagnosed with liver stones…

The writ, my insurer is in the midst of solving the issue… My grandma is home with You… My dad is recovering but was just diagnosed with Liver Stones and is refusing to go for surgery… My thesis is in ruins and messed up, with no one to help me… I lost my job and is in the midst of finding a new place to teach… I have too many baggages… Please help me to lift some…

I thank you that I am still alive. That I am still standing here and getting my hopes from you. I lost track of who I am, what I was doing. I am drained, not because I am not strong enough… I am drained because everything is hitting me one by one, and I didn’t get a chance to recover before the next episode hits me. I need a break, from everything and just spend some time alone.

I am really thankful that you have blessed me with a beautiful girlfriend! =) And she really came in at a right time. Just before everything happened. She was constantly there supporting and acknowledging me. It couldn’t have been a better time for her to appear in my life. We have many differences, but I thank you for guiding me to understand her.

I will be strong and walk my path… Please watch over me as I take my steps, please pull me back if you foresee a wrong move. Please help me to find a time, so I can have a huge break from life. I am constantly working so hard, I am going to collapse soon. I might appear strong on the outside, but deep inside, I really wished someone can take these away from me. Please guide me and heal me. I hope 2015 will be a much better year, and I can be a better man. I want to go for RCIA soon… Please give me strength and courage…




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