Silver Linings and Golden Threads

Dear God,


There is much to say, yet little that can be said.

There is much to do, yet little that has been done.

Time is passing, yet life seems to remain the same.

Change is constant, yet prospects seem to be stale.

The rains come and go, yet the ground remains barren.

The sands shift and scatter, yet the path is unchanging.

From sunrise to sunset, the clouds stay hidden.

Yet from dusk to dawn, the stars shy away.

There are many setbacks, yet the calling persists.

The journey travelled has been too long, yet there is more to come.

Many a traveller chanced upon, yet the paths merely intersect.

Many a vineyard I have entered, yet I have not come for wages.

Of blessings I cannot deny, yet desolation pervades the land.

Of delight there are many, yet true joy remains elusive.


Little can be said, yet much needs to be said indeed.

Little has been done, yet today can be different.

Life seems to remain the same, yet time waits for no man.

Prospects seem to be stale, yet it is folly to give up hope.

The ground remains barren, yet dying from hunger I am not.

The path is unchanging, yet remains a journey to undertake.

The clouds stay hidden, yet from trial comes strength.

The stars shy away, yet peace prevails day after day.

The calling persists, yet discipline needs to be cultivated.

There is more to come, yet of design and purpose I am sure.

The paths merely intersect, yet prudence is to press ahead.

I have not come for wages, yet of grandeur and glory I have glimpsed.

Desolation pervades the land, yet flowers bloom from time to time.

True joy remains elusive, yet its desire will never vanish.




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