not my 2016

it’s sunday, God.


it is 2 weeks into 2016, and there’s nothing much to say. it is so easy to ask myself: what is there for me in this year.

2015 has not been without sorrow and debilitating fears, has not been without change, has not been without challenges and stagnancy. discomfort wasn’t absent. 2015 has also not been without heart-hardening heartbreaks, mind-eating heart-gnawing loneliness and silent rejection. has the violence in the heart, that wilfulness that grabs at men and at god, grown and ebbed? still stuck in hopeless and helplessness? and anger, sin and anything else.

this was in community

was it without joy, faith, hope, growth and many other good things?

does the Lord favours me? at least i would admit that He doesn’t favour me over others. much like the older prodigal son, there’s the perceived need for higher favour that stems from insecurity with what is given, or perceived right to more. enjoying God’s favour as it is, in whatever form and colour it takes, while recognizing it comes no lesser or more that it is with others.

with His favour we may enter a new year, not just another year to get by.

may the will of God be done in LoG. may there be growth, increased faithfulness to God, members and others, many joys and blessings.



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