Dated 29 august 2016

Hi everyone! i hope that this little finds you well. may the Lord keep you!

the leaven of god @ sfx has underwent transformation as usual, and more so these months. log brings itself ever so much closer to the next stage of life, vocational priesthood marriage or lay singlehood, with sec 4s in tow like some pregnancy. there are real worries and fears present individually and in the community. there are expectations at the workplace and in family life. those who are single struggle to find a partner or enter the ministerial priesthood while those attached prepare for marriage. frantic discernment on many things that matter in life.

do not despair! cling to god and to the holy life. keep the faith and stay in hope. i urge you ever to be gentle to yourselves, to community and to the people in your life. believe in the mercy of God in these times of economic famine and drought. stay the wilful hand, word and thought as soon as emotions run high.turn to God when desires to fill the void overwhelms. recognise god’s faithfulness in your life and strive to respond in like. take up your cross and find rest in Jesus. take courage and find the joy amidst the many moments of life.

there comes the times when community seems divided, each taking to his way. there are many cares, aspirations and views. individuals prioritised different things. the ever fragile unity teeters on the edge. perhaps you feel that people can’t understand or empathise you, or maybe you just cannot connect. only the power of the Holy Spirit may bring 2 or more people together. In spite of bariers and the lacking of possibilities, let His Will be done here in log.

always remember the joy of listening of dialogue. may it be blessed with fruit in community! the demographics of log will surely change. to quote “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity”. perhaps the coinage of diversity is needed to give every one a place, unity comes when dying to one’s self for the sake of community or a member. true unity cannot exist without diversity. always remember that “for this is my brother/sister i will do this for him/her” just as Christ came down and died for us.

issues with community life regarding the form and intensity and the associated state have been undercurrent and surfacing. there are matters to ponder:

  • what is the role of cells?
  • on session timings, celebrations and rituals
  • the nature of sessions
  • the changing experiences of community
  • spiritual growth-direction
  • discernment-communal and individual
  • 1co12 and parish matters
  • communications on internal and external matters
  • ministry and mission
  • and other stuff

the lord of harvest has sole authority on the fruit and results on everything. pray that he sends labourers to the harvest

community is a gift and only God may call and bind a community

by the way uni kids don’t feel you’re forgotten. don’t be shy to shout out if you feel that way



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