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On this year’s CNY day three, 18 of us gathered at Jonathan’s house. We bai-nian-ed with his parents, had 2 tables of steamboats, and gambled with the coolest currency we’ve probably ever seen. Also, Maryanne danced with Greg, Andrew was bimbotic and Tim Soo painted his nails.

Welcome to Leaven of God (“LoG”). We are a Catholic community of God-loving people, based in the parish of St Francis Xavier, who come to share and live the radical Christian life together.

We have sharings every Friday night and sessions every Sunday morning. Any other time, we are on standby for random suppers and heart-to-heart-chats. We attend our loved ones’ wakes, celebrate each other’s birthdays and have the occasional holiday or retreat together. There are times that we laugh. There are times that we cry. There are times that we gather in a big circle and accuse each other for not fulfilling each other’s expectations. And then there are times that we huddle in the deep night and whisper secrets that we’ve never told anyone else. 8 years, after all, is a long time for many things to happen and for many relationships to build.

Some of us are best friends with one another. Some of us have had the deepest conflicts in our lives with one another. Some of us don’t know each other all that well. Which is fine really. That’s the way our community works. The lines between friend, acquaintance and foe blurs sometimes. And in that process of blurring, we learn to heal and love. We become family.

Because in the end, it’s not about what we do; it’s about who we are. The who, rather than the what – that, essentially, is community.

So come and allow us to be part of your growing process, to initiate discovery, to challenge and question you. Come, also, to offer different perspectives to life and God, to challenge and question us.

This About Us can also be about you.


Weekday Sunset Mass 6.30pm
Community Sunday Mass 9.00am
Sunday Session 1.30pm
Friday Bible Sharing 8.30pm
Adoration(every last friday of the month) 8.30pm

Contact Us: leavenofgod@gmail.com


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