This page is an archive of loggers’ work – art, videos, compositions, performances, stories, articles etc – for the glory of God ūüėÄ To a certain extent, our work reveals another aspect of who we are. But more importantly, we share our work as testament that what we do – at school, in our jobs, during our free time – can also be directed towards building God’s kingdom.

1 Music a separate composition or set of compositions.
2 an artistic work, especially one on a large scale.
ORIGIN¬†early 18th cent.: from¬†Latin,¬†literally¬†‚Äėwork‚Äô.

“We are workers, not master builders;¬†ministers, not messiahs.¬†We are prophets of a future not our own.”

РArchbishop Oscar Romero, A Future Not Our Own


This Little Light of Mine
Worker: Written by Kong, Designed by Jes, Mel for having a 24th birthday
Genre: Fiction
Date: 14th Nov ’13
Description: A story for Mel’s 24th birthday. Featuring the Loggers in superhero mode.

The Maze of Truth – The Search for Life
Worker: Kong
Genre: Fiction
Date: 4th Aug ’12
Description: Kong wrote a story for his Creative Writing course. It’s about 5 people who search for various things in life, only to be dissatisfied time and time again.

Date-thing with Purpose & Purity
Workers: Soo, Tang, Poey, Mel
Genre: Articles
Date: Jan ’11
Description: In Jan 2011, the TOB study group compiled a booklet written for the event which the group organized – ‘Date-thing with Purpose & Purity’. Enclosed are articles written by loggers in the study group, sharing their own experiences.

LoG superpowers
Worker: Kong
Genre: Speculative Fiction (Powerpoint)
Date: Uploaded on Facebook on 6th Aug ’12
Description: Kong dreams of superpowers for all of us ūüėÄ It’s pretty epic. Who said men weren’t meant to fly?

Examining the Influence and Relevance of Canon Law and Catholic Doctrine on Singapore’s Marriage Law
Worker: Mel
Genre: Research Paper
Date: Submitted on 28th Nov ’11
Abstract:¬†This 6000-word paper was written for Mel’s 2nd year law module, Comparative Legal Traditions. It explores the connection between canon law and Singapore‚Äôs law with regards to marriage. It does this by tracing the development of the Women‚Äôs Charter, and doing a substantive comparison of the similarities in laws. In doing so, this paper also hopes to show the modern relevance of the Church‚Äôs teachings in Singapore‚Äôs family context.

LoG prays at Gethsemane

Worker: Loggers
Genre: Ignatian-contemplative-style prose
Description: For a spirituality session on writing, we were given 1 verse each from the Gethsemane passage. We put ourselves in Jesus’ shoes, then we re-created the scene by re-writing it. We compiled the re-written verses into a single document and edited the paragraphing and punctuation. This was the final result =)


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