Tougher Stuff

Date-thing with Purpose & Purity

Workers: Soo, Tang, Poey, Mel
Genre: Articles
Date: Jan ’11
Description: In Jan 2011, the TOB study group compiled a booklet written for the event which the group organized – ‘Date-thing with Purpose & Purity’. Enclosed are articles written by loggers in the study group, sharing their own experiences.

Examining the Influence and Relevance of Canon Law and Catholic Doctrine on Singapore’s Marriage Law
Worker: Mel
Genre: Research Paper
Date: Submitted on 28th Nov ’11
Abstract: This 6000-word paper was written for Mel’s 2nd year law module, Comparative Legal Traditions. It explores the connection between canon law and Singapore’s law with regards to marriage. It does this by tracing the development of the Women’s Charter, and doing a substantive comparison of the similarities in laws. In doing so, this paper also hopes to show the modern relevance of the Church’s teachings in Singapore’s family context.



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