So we’ve come to the end of one full run of Scripture Reflections. And we’re about to begin a new initiative this week – a 300-word faith story. 

Here’s how it goes: Share one aspect of your faith in EXACTLY 300 words. No more, no less. And no cheating on grammar.

You can share about anything at all. Maybe you want to share about sin, sacraments or spirituality. Or you can share about the Trinity, transubstantiation or the Transfiguration. You can even share about C.S. Lewis, LOTR or love.

As long as it is exactly 300 words.

Because the tyranny of form unlocks the freedom of substance. Within the confines of a standardized format, a writer is liberated to go anywhere with his content.  In fixing our gaze on the arbitrary, we free ourselves to pursue what really matters.

Thus flows creativity – that wonderfully inspiring quality that is our inherent birthright as the children of our Creator.

For glory and honor (to God)!

TONIGHT (or a bit later in the future), WE DINE IN HELLAVEN.