Mk7:31-37 [23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time]

9th September, 2012 Readings: 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Ephphatha!” “Be opened!”

Somehow it seems as though those words are meant for me. It cannot be that many years after that particular event that He would know the impact of those words in our lives today. But He would know I guess. He would know that sometime today, the wheels of our faith would need that bit of oil and mending to get it going once again. If all it took was a touch by His finger, what more if He offered His hand or an embrace. Nothing will be able to comprehend the marvels of what is available to us – at which we turn away most of the time – temporally distracted by the many other concerns of this world. But I digress.

There is a lot to be said of the people who brought this deaf and dumb man and begged Jesus to heal him. One can say that they did not truly believe and were putting Jesus to the test, and another could say that they had every bit of faith in who Jesus was and what He was able to do. The skeptic in me would have never believed until I saw for my own eyes. But I guess that’s what Jesus’ ministry was for; to cast away any doubts of who He said He was, not that He had to prove himself, but for people who needed to see to believe.

I have to say that I really found it hard to relate to this week’s gospel. Those 2 paragraphs above are a miracle in some sense. The funny thing was that I did not realise that I was so bent on finding the best way to write up a reflection that I couldn’t seem to find anything to say that would mean much. That the fear of not being able to capture the gospel and of not being understood overruled. I guess that I too am in need of Jesus’ healing. So in my fearful state, I offer up this reflection, that my own “Ephphatha” will come too.

– Joan