The sacrament of confession is pretty close to my heart. When I start feeling lousy, my mood becomes sour; I become agitated easily, I know its time for confession.

In essence, I really do feel sin weighing me down.

In the past, I always assumed these feelings were part and parcel of life, and had no link to the sins I was committing. Only in recent times, as I started to rediscover my faith, I realized that those feelings were becoming more pronounced. I became more aware of both my emotions and my wrongdoings.

But still, I didn’t draw the link about sin and feeling shitty.

But as God would have it, I kind of stumbled onto the most incredible confession of my life. And let me tell you that since then, all the confessions have been great!

It had been sometime since my last confession, and I was feeling shitty. The time came for confession (probably because a day of obligation was drawing near), and so I went. As mentioned earlier, the nuances of my sinning were becoming more pronounced. During that confession, as I was being absolved of my sin, I could feel “power” coming over me. I could literally feel my shitty self actually turn happy. I tried to rationalize the process of my change of emotions. I couldn’t.

The only thing that I could conclude from that episode is that sin weighing the physical and emotional self is very real. Confession has become a remedy of sorts for me whenever I start to feel really shitty. A hundred percent of the time, the shittiness I feel results from the weight of sin.

So, when you feel troubled or weighed down, go for confession! I can certainly tell you that the feeling of absolution is truly incredible!