Dear God,

Why can’t I give you my 1%?

I always told you, that I’ll start contributing to the collection when I started working. Surely not 2 dollars right. 10? 10 a week? That’s 40 dollars a month. GOSH THIS FEELS SO PAINFUL. But still I did take out that 10 dollars and chucked it in that green bag. Score some points? Maybe?

But still over the rest of Holy Week as they came around for collection. Did you know how bad and guilty I still felt? Maybe I should have dropped in 2 dollars at each moment (still’d be cheaper in the long run).

How much of my life am I giving you now God. I did ask you to call me and lead me and so I’d go. Sometimes I’d think it be better if you mark what I need to give up with like blood or smth. But then again, maybe I am not ready.

But today God, I ask this one thing, that you help me see all that you have given me. All 100% of it. All that you’ve given freely to me. Yeh, I think that’s a good place to start today.