Spiritual Bucket Lists

Session 4 Aug 2013: Commmunity Discernment

Born from a random idea when jes felt severely awkward, out-of-place, and longing to get out of her comfort zone for God.

Bucket list:

Things we want to accomplish before we kick the bucket. A deep yearning that keeps that mental note stuck to the back of your head.

Spiritual bucket list: 

In line with our sessions where we have been discerning our direction as a community , we each wrote a couple of things we always really wanted to do in church, as church. We had many things on our list (and it probably grew after we heard each other’s dreams) but picked just 5 to share – to dream for each other as community.

Some serious, some a little outrageous, but all written in good faith that God will lead the way there – eventually.


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