Do angels dream of a heavenly earth?

 “The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed.” – Achilles

“Just look at them. Their hubris. Their pride. They haven’t learnt since Adam at all. They would trade their brief lives on earth for their eternal lives in heaven.”

“And yet, it’s true, isn’t it?”

“What is? That we envy them?”

“That they are beautiful. That life is beautiful. Life is made beautiful by death. Not because death extinguishes it, but because death eternalizes it. That is the true brilliance of the Plan – the ultimate weapon became the ultimate salvation.”

“What would you have them do, then? To live on earth in perpetual anticipation of a life in heaven?”

“No! They should live as if heaven is already in their midst. They need to find heaven – the Beauty, the Goodness, the Truth of it – within themselves, and then to extend that heaven outwards around them. To build a heaven on earth.”

“You blur the distinction between heaven and earth.”

“There is no distinction. It’s like what George told Clive in his dream. Heaven works its way backwards into their lives, making earth an extension of heaven. It’s like what Catherine said. All the way to heaven is heaven.”

“And yet, all they can ever experience is but a shadow of this place.”

“Not a shadow that leaves them empty because of how unsubstantial it is. Not a shadow, but a glimpse. A glimpse that makes them realize how much more there can be.”

“So they will be unsatisfied, then?”

“Unsatisfied, yes. Yearning, restless even. Not because there isn’t anything that can satisfy them, but because there is.”

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