A look at the medieval

Hello everyone!

I’ve been doing Medieval Literature for the past couple of weeks and just finished my essay on Medieval Drama. The reason why this is interesting is that this was all about none other than JESUS. Heehee. I was sharing with my cell that medieval England was dominated by the practise of Catholicism and so even their literature was meant for devotion and worship and sometimes plays even formed part of their celebration of the mass as they were often written by the clergy and religious. So in line with all this, I thought I’d share a couple of poems that I was reading. The language is a little different so.. persevere! heehee.

Ye That Pasen by the Weye

Ye that pasen by the weye,
Abidet a little stounde.* [while]
Beholdet, all my felawes,
Yif* any me lik is founde. [if]
To the tre with nailes thre
Wol* fast I hange bounde; [very]
With a spere all thoru my side
To mine herte is made a wounde.

Sunset on Calvary

Now gooth sunne under wode:
Me reweth,* Marye, thy faire rode.* [I pity] [face]
Now gooth sunne under tree:
Me reweth, Marye, thy sone and thee.

One of the more interesting things we were taught to look for was how much of medieval poetry was performed (yes, performed) from the perspective of Jesus or Mary or some other religious figure. Most of them give a very intimate presentation of the feelings of these figures and help us to empathise with them more. This was the bit I found most meaningful and worth reflecting on.

Bible stories are often told in third person, save bits of dialogue. But many of these poems bring the bible to life and that, I feel, provides a new perspective for reflection.

Hope this gives you something to think about this week and talk to me if you wanna know more because there’s lots that interests me that I would love to share! 🙂

❤ Alex

I have always wondered what heaven looks like…

Dear God,

What does heaven look like? Does it really sit atop pearly white and fluffy clouds? Do the gates of heaven shine in a glorious splendor? What does it look like God? I have always wondered…

I look through old paintings and see you peering down from heaven watching us run amok on this earthly plane. It must be really peaceful there… Will I find peace there? Has gonggong found peace there? If saints can hear our prayers, does that mean that anyone in heaven can hear the prayers of mine? -gulp- So many broken promises I have made through prayer God… I know you will forgive me, but will everyone else judge me?

God… I have a few questions. You know, they say when we leave our bodies behind during death, we hope to come into communion with you. In that case, can I even see at all? I mean, it is a physical thing… Right? Then God, they say til death do us part. Wouldn’t it be strange for couples in heaven to meet and not be in love with each other? You are one greedy God, everyone in heaven just loves you.

GOD! I AM CONFUSED… What is heaven really like? Will I still get to do the other things I like? OMG… Will there be food? There will be right? There is supposedly a feast! Will I get fat? ARE THERE FAT PEOPLE IN HEAVEN? Maybe you just refer to them as big 🙂

God, I do not know what heaven is like. But you know what… I trust in you God. If you say it is where we should all end up. I believe that it is a lovely place filled with wine and honey! 😀 And you know, maybe you can show me a glimpse of it today?

Well! Gotta run. Friends calling me now.

Byebye God!